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Acoustically Rated Sliding Doors

Initially designed for schools, our GlassSlide 400 acoustic slider has been developed in conjunction with architects to offer a fully resolved, acoustic sliding panel system that meets the needs of current open-learning classroom design.

GlassSlide 400 acoustic sliders are ideal where a basic STC rating (up to 43) is required as well as simplicity of use, and, of course, flexible space.

Available as:

  • Acoustically rated cavity sliding doors
  • Acoustically rated wall mounted sliding doors

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Whilst the education sector was the inspiration for the design of this product, its application in  commercial construction is limitless where smaller opening sizes, mid range acoustic performance and simplicity of use are required.


As well as offering the ideal connection between classrooms and adjacent learning corridors, our Acoustic sliders are hard wearing, easy to use and available in myriad finishes to match your decor.

A range of accessories, including whiteboards, pinboards, pen pockets and inset windows are available to maximise the usefulness of your sliding wall.

More Information

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