SpaceSeal 403 |Moveable/Movable Wall

Medium-Acoustically Rated Moveable Wall

The SpaceSeal 403 is a great mid-price wall in the Trans-Space range. Offering an acoustic rating of 41, it’s made up of continuously hinged panels to provide a highly robust yet flexible divider for your existing space. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a separate area to hold meetings, make presentations or host social functions.

Capable of transforming spaces large or small, the SpaceSeal 403:

  • is top hung, which means no unsightly floor tracks
  • comes with a pass door that can be stored in a stacking pocket
  • features an aluminium trim around each panel that can be anodised or powder-coated with any standard available colour
  • can be finished in your choice of fabric, vinyls, laminates, paints, whiteboards vertiface on composition… the list goes on. Just talk to us about the finish you’re looking for.

When not in use, the SpaceSeal 403’s panels concertina either to one side of the opening (for a single wall) or either side the opening (for a paired wall). Suitable for most heights and widths up to eight metres, it’s a great combination of reliable performance and easy-to-access convenience.

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