SpaceSeal 400 |Moveable/Movable Wall

Medium Acoustically Rated Moveable Walls

Our updated SpaceSeal 400 series offers a great mid-price wall in the Trans-Space range with configurations to match our popular 500 series, i.e. single, double and continuous wall configurations. It is versatile, robust and ideal if you’re looking for a separate area to hold meetings, make presentations or host social functions.

The series has three models. Each one:

  • has a single or double glazed option
  • is top hung – which means no unsightly floor tracks
  • is available in a 41 STC option
  • can be combined with the GlassSeal 400 series to mix its solid panels with glass ones
  • features fixed floor seals
  • can have pass doors and a stacking pocket
  • can be finished in your choice of fabric, vinyls, laminates, paints, whiteboards Vertiface on composition, you name it
  • can be provided with full shop drawings including plan views, elevations, track drawings and fixing detail
  • has a BIM model available.

The 401 series

Our 401 wall is ideal for schools, hotels, churches, conference areas and offices where two or more meetings often take place simultaneously. Made up of individual panels that fit neatly together for use, it can be separated, stacked and stored at a separate location with our specially designed tracking system – leaving a clean, uncluttered opening.

Each panel has the unique ability to turn at 90 degrees to the center line of the track, a super-strong structure that can handle very high and heavy loads. The new SS3 track system facilitates the easy movement of the panels into the chosen stacking system improving the customer experience. Suitable for heights up to 6 meters and all widths, this wall is a great combination of rugged performance and easy, convenient handling.

There is also the ability to mix and match the SpaceSeal 400 panels with the GlassSeal 400 panels for a mixture of solid and glass panels as required.

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The 402 Series

If you want to be able to create two rooms out of one large area the 402 series is for you.

The open wall panels are stacked at one end or either end of the track eliminating the requirement for a stacking grid and the additional ceiling support. The panels pivot at the center and are hinged together in pairs, making for a fast set-up and easy opening and closing. And when you no longer need it, the wall slides smoothly to one side or both sides of the opening.

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The 403 series

The 403 is the choice for walls less than five meters wide but can be paired for openings up to 10 meters wide. It also comes standard with a pass door.

Centre pivoted and continuously hinged, the panels combine to create a strong, stable and almost seamless wall of any length – with all the advantages of easy opening, snap closing and effortless storage. It doesn’t even need extra ceiling support – the center track takes the load.

When not in use, the SpaceSeal 403’s panels concertina either to one side of the opening (for a single wall) or either side the opening (for a paired wall). Suitable for most heights, it’s a great combination of reliable performance and easy-to-access convenience. It’s a great combination of reliable performance and easy-to-access convenience.

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Need help choosing?

For help with choosing the right wall for your project, just contact us – our technical team will be happy to recommend a model to suit.