SpaceFormer 200 | Moveable Wall

Low Acoustically Rated Moveable Wall

Our SpaceFormer 200 series is a versatile, affordable choice in moveable walls – and a great solution for schools, hotels, churches, conference areas and offices where two or more meetings often take place simultaneously. Similar in many ways to our Spaceseal 500 series, it’s ideal if the conditions in which you’d like to use it suit a lighter-weight wall with a moderate acoustic rating.

The series has two models. Each one:

  • is top hung, which means no unsightly floor tracks
  • features top and bottom multi fingered vinyl rubber extrusions
  • can have pass doors and a stacking pocket
  • includes an aluminium trim that can be anodised or powder-coated with any standard available colour
  • can be finished in your choice of fabric, vinyls, laminates, paints, whiteboards… the list goes on. Just talk to us about the finish you’re looking for
  • full shop drawings can be provided including  plan views, elevations, track drawings and fixing detail
  • BIM models available also.

The 201 series

The best thing about the SpaceFormer 201 is its flexibility. Made up of individual panels that fit neatly together for use, our specially designed tracking system means it can be separated, stacked and stored at a separate location – leaving a clean, uncluttered opening.

Each panel has the unique ability to turn at 90 degrees to the centre line of the track. Suitable for all widths and heights up to 3.6 metres, this wall is an excellent combination of strong performance and easy, convenient handling.

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The 202 series

If you want to be able to create two rooms out of one large area (with an opening of seven metres or more), the Spaceformer 202 is for you.

The wall panels pivot at the centre and are hinged together in pairs, making for a fast set-up and easy opening and closing. And when you no longer need it, the wall slides smoothly to one side, or to both sides of the opening if you prefer.

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The 203 series

The SpaceFormer 203 is the choice for openings less than eight metres wide.
Centre pivoted and continuously hinged, the panels combine to create a strong, stable and almost seamless wall. The 203 has all the advantages of a lead panel pass door for easy opening, and snap closing for effortless storage (the wall can either concertina to one side or be a paired centre opening).

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Need help choosing?

For help with choosing the right wall for your project, just contact us – our technical team will be happy to recommend a model to suit.