Moveo® | Acoustic glass movable walls

Acoustically Rated Glass Sliding Doors

Flexible and efficient space utilisation is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centres and studios. Intelligent solutions are often required that facilitate multiple room configurations that combine both the feeling of openness and privacy. With Moveo® Glass you have at your disposal a movable wall system capable of successfully combining transparency and sound insulated technology.

Dorma’s Moveo® Glass movable wall offers clients, architects and designers the ability to create innovative working areas and inspirational environments with an acoustic glazed moveable wall system with a Rw 50dB performance.

Each glass partition panel incorporates Dorma’s ComfortTronic auto seal system making setup a quick & effortless operation whether moved manually from the desired stacking position, or by using Dorma’s new ComfortDrive fully automatic system. This achieves configuration changes by simply pressing a button. Options include integral electric blinds and single or double personnel doors.

Dorma’s products lead the way in sustainable solutions with environment product declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

Offered as standard with automated top and bottom horizontal seals, Moveo is the obvious choice in glazed operable walls solutions.

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Acoustic glass moveable walls are just one in the Trans-Space door and wall range. For help with choosing the right door or moveable wall for your project, just contact us – our technical team will be happy to recommend a model to suit.