WoodFold | Concertina Folding Door

Solid Non-Acoustic Concertina Door


Folding doors are the perfect way to reduce the space taken up by standard solid doors, fill spaces that won’t fit standard doors, or simply divide one area from another.

Our well priced Trans-Space Woodfold door makes an ideal divider for doorways and openings that won’t fit a swinging door – to conceal your laundry, divide an office, restaurant or church, create a wardrobe or simply maximise the use of a larger space than you need. It can even opens at both ends, (rolling post option) providing easy access to those hard-to-reach places.

Available in Melteca, Melamine, natural timber veneer or your choice of paint. The Woodfold is easy to install using our DIY instruction sheet. With simple, clean lines and two models, to cater to different opening sizes, it’s a great choice for homes, schools, clubs and general commercial areas.


Woodfold 500 Series

Woodfold 800 Series

Max Height (mm)



Max Width (mm)

4880 (and 9760 for a pair of doors)

7090 ( and 14180 for a pair of doors)

Stack dimension (mm)

108mm per meter of opening + 97mm

72mm per meter of opening + 136mm

Weight (Kgs/m2)



Tracks and closing moulds

Aluminium No. 8 anodised bronze or powder coated Artic White, other colours available for powder coating available with extra charge


Standard handle -latch with a handle and snib on each side. Locks and other options are also available


Synthetic Veneer (Melteca or Melamine) or natural timber

Intermediate Post (mm)

Required for openings more than 6000mm wide or as specified.

Pendant pulls

On all doors higher than 2460mm

Here shows some popular colours from Bestwood Melamine:

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Bestwood Finishes


A delicate, low sheen eggshell surface


A lightly textured orange peel surface with good scratch resistance


A natural grain texture simulating that of timber


A heavily textured, grained surface. Designed to enhance natural characteristics

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