SoundFold | Accordion Folding Door

Acoustically Rated Vinyl Accordion Door

Folding/accordion doors are the perfect way to reduce the space taken up by standard solid doors, fill spaces that won’t fit standard doors, or simply divide one area from another.

The Trans-Space Soundfold door is much more than a divider – it’s also acoustically rated, which makes it easy to create meeting rooms, temporary offices or spaces to take a break. You’ll have noise under control and space you can use more effectively – perfect for rest homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, clubs, lecture halls and offices etc.

Available as a single, rolling post or a dividing double, this accordion sliding door has a strong steel frame and can be covered in the fabric of your choice – we have a wide range of colours and finishes availiable in our range. Vinyl liners attached to the hinges provide sound-proofing (either 26 or 30 STC), while vinyl sweep seals ensure a smooth, silent slide. Hardwearing and practical, this is a versatile, economical choice.

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Soundfold is just one in the Trans-Space folding door range. For help with choosing the right door for your project, just contact us – our technical team will be happy to recommend a model to suit.