Fully Automatic Partition Operating System

The newly developed ComfortDrive operating system heralds a new era for fully automated partitions. It is destined to completely replace the existing EM operating system and is to be employed for all the operable partitions and movable walls supplied by the DORMA Group worldwide.

With the ComfortDrive fully automatic partition system, it is possible to operate both glass elements and sound-insulating elements. It is the most convenient system for partition applications. All the functions are executed fully automatically and can be activated at the push of a button. Any faults or malfunctions are shown on a display, and in the event of a power failure, the partition can be manually operated.

The ComfortDrive exhibits an intelligent drive system which operates the elements fully automatically and takes them to their predefined positions. The system is governed by an automatic control system which receives its commands either from a control panel or from an optional key-switch. The control system is connected via busbars integrated in the track to the individual drive units of the elements. Moreover, additional modules may be provided in a system in the form of the closure flap. These modules have functions different from those of the other elements and therefore constitute a special product group. The emergency stop unit is the safety switch which, when operated, immediately disconnects the system from the power supply.

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