SpaceFold | Accordion Folding Door

Non-Acoustically Rated Vinyl Accordion Door


Folding doors are the perfect way to reduce the space taken up by standard solid doors, fill spaces that won’t fit standard doors, or simply divide one area from another.

The Trans-Space Spacefold door fits the bill whatever you want to use it for – at work and at home, to create an office, bedroom, servery, wardrobe, dining room, pantry, laundry, storage area… the choices are endless.

Available as a single, rolling post or a dividing double, this accordion sliding door has a strong steel frame. Spacefold provides privacy and security and helps to save heating costs. It’s easy to install – and it looks good too! You choose the finish that suits your décor, from fashion vinyl to luxurious fabrics that guarantee a stylish finish.

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Need help choosing?

Spacefold is just one in the Trans-Space folding door range. For help with choosing the right door for your project, just contact us – our technical team will be happy to recommend a model to suit.

DIY Installation Instructional Video